13 February 2006

Bill proposed to keep search engine servers out of China

OK, this really gets my goat up. First, we have the United States blocking the United Nation's acceptance into its Economic and Social Council of two international LGBT groups. Thankfully, not everyone in Congress was asleep when that happened, and Secretary of State Condoleezza-Rice has been asked to explain the United State's action in blocking these groups.

But now, we have this proposed legislation. From the article:
Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., is drafting a bill that would force Internet companies including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to keep vital computer serversout of China and other nations the State Department deems repressive to human rights.
The emphasis is mine. See, here we have lawmakers in Washington trying to say that we're better than other countries because they are repressive to human rights. But just a few weeks prior to this wonderful act, we have the United States siding with countries such as Iran, Egypt, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe -- all of which have such stellar records on protecting human rights -- in blocking human rights groups' efforts from joining the United Nations!

What's even better is (again, from the article):
Moving servers would keep personal data they house from government reach.
Of course, the United States would never dream of demanding that a search engine company turn over users' personal data, right?

What the fuck are these people thinking????

USATODAY.com - Bill would keep servers out of China

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