18 February 2006

Brazil Sugar surpasses American Dollars

OK, the title might not be completely accurate, and perhaps misleading, but I've got to give a really big "hats off" to our Brazilian brethren.

You see, it seems that they've almost completely eliminated their reliance on foreign oil in the automotive market. How, you might ask, have they done this? The answer is simple: they use a byproduct of their sugar cane crop.

Score one for the environment, at least in Brazil. Now, in reading all about this eco-friendly phenomena, it makes one wonder why so-called "advanced" nations, like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and other leading first world nations? My guess is that these first-world nations hold the almighty dollar (Euro, Pound, or whatever currency they worship) in higher regard than the health and well-being of our beloved planet Earth.

But it is perhaps here, in the United States, that we have the poorest record on protecting mother earth. Simply put, the Big American Corporations (BAC) are the ones with most of the bucks: the ones lining the pockets of Congress to stop environmentally-friendly legislation from proceeding, the ones lining the pockets of lobbyists (who are lining the pockets of the United States House and Senate), the ones lining the pockets of the advertising industry, and ones who are lining the pockets of the media in general.

BBC NEWS | Business | Brazil's sugar crop fuels nation's cars

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