10 February 2006

CRN | Web Browsers | Spyware Barely Touches Firefox

Another magazine article showing that Mozilla's Firefox web browser provides users with a safer browsing experience.

From the article:

During Levy's and Gribble's most recent crawl of October 2005, 1.6 percent of the domains infected the first IE configuration, the one mimicking a naïve user blithely clicking 'Yes;' about a third as many domains (0.6 percent) did drive-by downloads by planting spyware even when the user rejected the installations.

Firefox survived relatively unscathed. Only .09 percent of domains infected the Mozilla Corp. browser when it was set, like IE, to act as if the user clicked through security dialogs; no domain managed to infect the Firefox-equipped PC in a drive-by download attack.

CRN | Web Browsers | Spyware Barely Touches Firefox

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