13 February 2006

Future shock & 3G

So how many of you out there have are taking advantage of the broadband wireless service that your mobile provider is offering? What's that, you don't know what I'm talking about? Of course not, and if the mobile phone providers had their way, they'd keep it like that. But ah, enter BBC News -- that pesky little news service that likes to keep its readers well-informed (unlike the news services here in the US, with the possible exception of the NYTimes).

3G, or the next generation in wireless technology (it actually stands for "3rd Generation") allows broadband data transmission over a wireless network, for far cheaper than older (2G and 2.5G) technology would allow. That's why Sprint (one of the few carriers actually touting 3G technology) is hyping its video feeds on their new phones (although Sprint is charging and arm and a leg for the 3G service. Of course, Sprint is getting to provide better services at a reduced cost to them but, instead of lowering costs for their customers, they're charging more for it! In other words, they're conducting business The Old Fashioned American Way, by ripping off their customers -- gotta love America, folks!

BBC NEWS | Technology | Future shock awaits mobile firms

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