26 February 2006

Help Complete WWII History

This is kind of interesting. I've been participating in distributed computing projects for some time now. For instacen, I've been searching for signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence using my home computer for some time now. In fact, I've been a member since 16 October, 1999, and I've even started a SETI@Home team.

But back to this interesting distributed computing project. This is what it's all about (taken from their web page):
The M4 Project is an effort to break 3 original Enigma messages with the help of distributed computing. The signals were intercepted in the North Atlantic in 1942 and are believed to be unbroken. Ralph Erskine has presented the intercepts in a letter to the journal Cryptologia. The signals were presumably enciphered with the four rotor Enigma M4 - hence the name of the project.
Neat, huh? I think I'll join in helping to crack an unsolved mystery.

M4 Message Breaking Project