20 February 2006

Help Paul Dell Win

You know, I need a new computer. The one I'm currently using is about eight years old. I heard recently that Dell was going to start selling computers without an Operating System, so I wouldn't have to pay the Microsoft Tax. I thought this was a turning point for Dell, in trying to prove that they're being a a consumer-friendly, and technologist-friendly company.

I was wrong.

First, Dell's Chairman announced that they would consider using AMD processors in their computers, moving away from being an all-Intel shop. Apparently, this was just another rumor.

And now this: Dell is suing an individual over a web site, just because that individual -- who happens to be named Paul Dell -- is using his name in the web site.

That's two strikes against my purchasing a Dell computer. Unlike baseball, I think that's two strikes too many, and I think I'll be looking at other companies for my new computer -- perhaps even a white box where I won't have to pay the bloody Microsoft Tax.

Help Paul Dell Win