13 February 2006

Hunting Down Humans

I'd like to take a moment to go on a brief sojourn to a web site I discovered, which I originally found out about from Uncensored BBS (which I've previously blogged about). It's a web site about hunting down humans.

Now before you PETA people get all bent out of shape, let me explain why hunting down humans is a good thing. You see, it all started quite some time ago. I can't remember exactly when; it's been at least a decade, maybe two. People would pick up the phone and dial a number, and a computerized menu system would great them. At first, I thought this was a great idea -- I no longer have to deal with a snotty human begin over the phone who hates their job, just to get information.

Over time (especially within the past decade), these computerized menu systems have gotten so convoluted and complex that it's become almost impossible to get the information you're seeking, and finding a human being seems almost preferable. But here's the catch: the computerized menu systems know that you don't want to deal with them anymore, and they've begun hiding the access points to the human beings!

So this is why hunting down humans is such a good idea. And this web site has begun the noble task of tracking them down and exposing the evil computerized menu systems' plots by letting us know how to bypass the system and reach a human -- and they do it quickly, too!

What's more, some people (a team of students at Boston's Emerson College) have created a video that portrays exactly how useful this service can be. (The video is WS, and quite funny).

So, the next time you're confronted with one of these evil automated computerized menu systems and you need to hunt down a human being, take a trip to gethuman.com.

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