15 February 2006

I survived!

Well, I did it. I survived! Another wretched day. But this one was supposed to be special: Valentine's Day. But I got through it, all by my lonesome. Alone. For the ninth year in a row.

I'm still seeing commercials on television that are advertising for VD (have you ever noticed that the initials for Valentine's Day -- the day of love -- are the same as for Venereal Disease? Kind of makes one wonder .... But I've digressed. So I'm still seeing comercials for VD on television. One, in particular, from WalMart of all stores, really got my ire. I don't remember the script verbatim, but it went something like this:

WalMart, fortunately we've got what you need in order to show your love. (or was it to show how much you love your loved one? -- can somebody who's seen this commercial post a comment with the verbatim wording. Thanks -Peter)

The gist of this advertising is that you need to purchase something in order to show your love to your loved one. This is exactly why America is going to hell. This kind of mentality -- commercialization of everything under the sun -- just makes me want to vomit.

If I wanted to show someone that I loved them, I do not need to purchase something in order to show my love. I can do quite a few different things. For instance, I can
  • cook them dinner
  • take them for a walk
  • make love to them
  • write a poem dedicated to them
  • make something artsy for them
  • propagate a plant for them
I think you get the idea. Share with me what you did for Valentine's Day. If you have someone special in your life, what did you do for them to show them your love (and in case you can't get the hint, I do not want to know what you bought for them).

The History of Valentine's Day