26 February 2006

Police Intimidation / Misconduct

I used to be an ardent support of the police -- those uniformed women and men in blue whose jobs it is to protect our lives. But lately, and especially after some recent interactions I've had with them lately -- including one where a certain Town of Harrison Police Department Detective commanded patrol officers not to render any aid or assistance to me in my request to be taken to a psychiatric hospital because I was feeling suicidal (with the assistance of a patrolman who ignored the detective's orders, I was helped to a psychiatric facility where I was treated for my chronic depression/suicidal ideation on an inpatient basis for approximately two months) -- has both left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, as well as shattered my faith in the police to be fair and honest.

This story is just one of what I'm certain are thousands of incidents that occur aross our country on an all-too-frequent basis.

CBS 4 - South Florida's Source for Breaking News, Weather, and Sports: Officer Takes Action Against CBS4 After Story Airs

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