18 February 2006

A skit for Kathy Griffin

OK, I've got what I think would be a good routine for Kathy Griffin. For those of you who are living in a cave and don't know about her, she's this ultra-cool, hip, gay-friendly actress/comedienne who doesn't mind taking people to task -- especially hoity-toity A-list celebrities. You can get a taste of what she's like from this AskMen.com article or this interview from Metroline. She's one of my favourite people.

So, here's the routine that I could totally see her doing. The inspiration came when I was watching one of her shows and she started talking about some donut shop in Texas (Kathy Griffin likes donuts):

Speaking of Krispy Kreme, what the fuck is up with that name? I mean, you all know that I love donuts. But let's think about this. First of all, Krispy Kreme is a Southern corporation. They're located in North Carolina -- you know, home of organizations like "Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." Speaking of the KKK, think about how similar the initials of Krispy Kreme are to the KKK. Let's see ... Krispy, spelled with a "K," Kreme, spelled with a "K," Corporation. I'm surprised they didn't spell "Corporation" with a "K." So Krispy Kreme is essential the KKC of North Carolina, a state that has a proud history of Ku Klux Klan patronage. Take into consideration that they chose to mis-spell the name of their company, to make it as similar as possible to "KKK" without actually being "KKK," it kind of makes you think....

Now me, I'm more of a Dunkin Donuts gal ... I mean, just take a look and you'll see that I'm much more like the "Double-D" than the "KKC." ... Now let's talk about the donuts. Krispy Kreme donuts come in, well, basically, one flavor: creme. Their donuts are filled with creme. It's pretty much a heterogenious donut. As you'll all know, I'm in love with my gays, which is why Dunkin Donuts wins out over Krispy Kreme yet again. Dunkin Donuts takes to task the true meaning of being a diverse corporation. Double-D's donuts come in a plethora of varieties, offering myriad different types of fillings, from cremes, to puddings, to jellies, to chocolates. Well, you get the idea.

So this gal is dropping the KKC in favor of the Double-D.

So, maybe Kathy will incorporate this little skit into her act one day. It's offered under a Creative Commons license, so she basically has permission to use it. And just because I love her so much, I'll even waive the Non-Commercial and Share-Alike provisions of this license -- but just for her!