12 February 2006

A trip

So I just got back from Mohegan Sun, a casino located on an Indian Reservation in Connecticut (this is the thing now in the Northeast -- open a casino on an Indian Reservation to get around the state's anti-gambling laws). But Mohegan Sun is more than just a casino -- it's an experience! They offer great shopping, great eats, great sleeps, events and entertainment, great pampering, meeting and convention space, socializing and, of course, gambling! Oh, and get this ... they also have a nightlife (cue Alicia Bridges -- I love the nightlife, I got to boogie, on the disco 'round oh yeah!)!

Speaking of gambling, I swiped my player's club card through their promotion thingee setup and won $100 -- just for swiping my card through a machine! Not bad, right? I actually came out ahead this trip. The trip cost me $35 -- that $35 included round trip bus fare, a $10 gambling credit, and a $10 credit for food or merchandise, or entry into one of the four buffets that they have for free (tip not included, of course). I lost about $40 at the slots, so if you take away $40 plus the $35 it cost me for the trip, I still came out $25 ahead (if I did the math right), considering that I got the $100 from their promotions.

But I think one of the best parts of this trip was the company. You see, the trip was organized by The LOFT, the Hudson Valley's LGBT community services center. The entire trip was LGBT oriented, from the fabulously sensational (and expert at her profession) bus driver, "ET," who managed to get us up there and back safely (and considering that we drove into what essentially was a blizzard on the way back, that's no small feat!), to the organizer, "Cynthia," who had us playing gay gaymes on the way up (like Gay Trivia) and watching gay-oriented cinema on the bus no the way back (Mr. & Mrs. Smith -- which had the lesbians salivating over Angelina Jolie, while the gay men were busy drooling over Brad Pitt). I met a few new people and made the beginnings of a friendship (hey L, M, and S!), and saw a few old friends, as well (hi J&J, Y&K!).

So all in all I had a blast. My only regret was that I didn't bring my bottle of Aleve with me -- I was desperately needing it by the end of the evening!

Oh, and for all those of you who can't get "I love the nightlife" out of your head, I do apologize. Maybe this will help you out....