06 February 2006

Uncensored BBS

For those of you who are old enough, remember 300 baud modems, back in the day? Remember logging in to a BBS (bulletin board system) and engaging in scintillating conversation? Well, those days never ended, really. Citadel, an Open Source collaboration software application, provides one with the ability to run a BBS, right on the Internet.

One such BBS, Uncensored, has undergone a transformation from the back-in-the-day dial-up to being a web-based browser. If you want that "old school" feel, you can still telnet in. Or, if you're a bit more savvy but still want the old-school, you can log in via SSH. If you need an SSH client, take a look at puTTY, an open-source SSH client for multiple platforms. To log in via SSH, connect to "bbs@uncensored.citadel.org"

Once you've logged in, check out the "rooms" -- especially the ones I've created, like the "Lavender Lounge."