11 March 2006

Note To Self: Add a link

In going through my blog, trying to get everything in order, I found another post that I saved in draft status but forgot to go back and publish....

This is a note to myself to add this blog to my "Blogs I'm Reading" list. I came across it from a site I was visiting, and I clicked on a link to another site, where I clicked on a link to another site, where I clicked on a link to another site, and I basically repeated that about 97 more times to arrive at this one.

I'm starting to love this gal. At first, before I read her bio, I thought it was a drag queen's site. I mean, she has the personality of a drag queen. Plus, just look at the name: Paper Napkin. That's a Drag Queen name if I ever heard one.

But she's pretty cool. She started this "delurking week" thing where she advocates for people to stop "just" reading other people's blogs and participate in them -- leave comments! She has a cool list of "100 things." She's won some blogging awards.

I just wish Blogger had an easier way of updating the sidebar. As it is now, I have to go into the template (which is a pretty big file to being with), find what the section I want to add a link to, and then manually add it to my list. I don't mind the entering it manually part -- it's the finding the code in the huge template form that is becoming quite a bit annoying ...