11 March 2006

Site Tinkering

I originally wrote this post some time in February, and I've finally been able to finish it.

Some of you (any of you?) may have noticed that I've been tinkering with my blog a bit. It's been a long time since I've done any HTML coding, and I'm a bit rusty. Plus, now I have to make sure that the code works with Google's Blogger service, which hosts my blog. Blogger uses "blog tags" that are similar to HTML tags, but are a bit more involved and evolved.

In any event, most of the tinkering that I've done has to do with repositioning certain elements in my sidebar, and adding a footer to the blog (scroll down all the way to the end). Back in February, I had to do a bit of debugging, because adding the Creative Commons license totally messed things up for a while, completely oblierating some sections of my blog, and also made my Google Adsense ads stop appearing. That was fun. Of course, the ads have stopped appearing again, and now I have absolutely no idea why they're not showing up. I've asked my friend, Stacey, to look into it for me, because she's a web goddess.

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