25 April 2006

Workers of the World, Surf the 'net!

While it's pleasing to note that one will not now lose one's job due to surfing the Internet (provided, of course, that such activities don't interfere with work productivity), I was a bit concerned about this part of the decision/ruling:

Choudhri was not fired, but Spooner reprimanded him in a letter that will
go into Choudhri's employee file.

Given, that the employee in question (Choudhri) was found not to have slacked off of the work he was expected to do while he was found to have been surfing the 'net, I don't even think that he should have been reprimanded, especically given the ruling of the case that surfing the Internet must be afforded the same status as any other personal activity that is allowed at the workplace.

Security Focus has an interesting article that, I think, portrays both the concerns of employers, as well as some of the reasoning behind why employees surf the 'net at work to begin with, and does a relatively good job at describing measures that various employers have taken either to limit or ensure that any employee Internet surfing won't harm the company's business.