18 May 2006

Gasoline Boycott

So, because the price of gasoline in the United States is at records highs, and the profits of oil companies are reaching record highs as well (for any type of company, and we're talking the profits here, not the gross income), people are starting to talk about organizing a boycott of gasoline. The article, as you'll note, states that there will be a boycott of United States gasoline for the entire weekend of July 4, 2006.

I'm all for it. So stock up before the weekend, and just stop buying.

I mean, this is really getting rediculous. Three fucking dollars and Sixty fucking nine fucking cents per fucking gallon of gasoline is completely out of hand, especially considering that it costs about $0.06 (that's six cents) per gallon to get the oil out of the ground in the first place (yes yes yes, I know, all about the refining costs and what not, but that should put gas at around $1.50/gallon in today's prices.

Of course, we all know not to buy gasoline from Exxon/Mobil (because of the Valdez Oil Spill, and because when Exxon bought/merged with Mobil, they canceled the domestic partner benefits of Mobil employees)

Let's Boycott!!!