28 May 2006

More pics of my car

I took some more pics of my car today. I'll probably need them for the insurance company. Thex won't be getting back to me until tuesday, due to the memorial day weekend holiday. From bad, to worse. I'll fill in some captions later. I've got to run now.

A pic from afar. The lenses in camera phones aren't really that great, and you can see here that the sunshine kind of blurred the image a bit.

A close-up of the branch/tree that remained lying across the hood of my car, which smashed my windshield.

A forward-looking view of the same branch/tree that lies on the hood of my car, showing how it probably hit the front, made a nice hole in the front passenger fender, and damaged the light assembly, before rolling on the hood (denting the hood, of couse) and smashing the windshield.

A close-up of the damage to the front passenger side of the car. You can see leaves and branches from the tree/branch that hit my car surronding the car in this area.

Finally, a side shot, where you can see a whole bunch of other branches, or parts of the tree trunk. I'm not quite sure what happened, or where this tree came from, and how it got to be placed in such a position.

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