27 May 2006

My car sits under a tree

So i spent the night at a friend's apartment last night. Ok, so he might be more than a friend but it's too early to tell. So i wake up this afternoon and in out to my car (a 1995 Buick Park Avenue Ultra) and find it sitting under a tree. Or more specifically, there's a tree lying on top of my car.

Here's the tree lying on top of my car. Actually, I'm not really sure if it's a tree or just a really big branch. But there aren't really any other big trees that would have a branch this large for it to fall on top of my car. It's a very weird situation.

Here's a view showing more of the background.
The front of my car, which you can't see very well because of the sunlight's interference with my phone's camera lens.
Some of the damage to the front of my car. Again, hard to see what's going on.