18 May 2006

New Friends, New Blogs

So I've met a few people lately, and I've helped them set up a blog on-line.

The first person, Brian, I met while on a job. He seemed pretty cool and was very friendly. He had been wanting to set up a blog for a while but didn't know how to do it. I showed him how easy it was to set one up using Blogger's blogging service. He was up and running and creating his first post in about five minutes. Of course, being that I met him at work, he's a bit more computer literate than most.

The only negative thing about meeting him was that, because of my depression, I had this recurring thought in my mind:
I really don't have the energy to go through the process of meeting a new person, learning about them, etc. I'm sure this is a wonderful person, who's very kind, caring, consideration, fun to be around, could make a great friend. But I just don't have the energy to be dealing with meeting new people.
The second person, Donna, is a bit more complicated but, again, like Brian, she's very sweet, kind, considerate, very caring. Also, as somewhat of a bonus to me, she understands my depression and related feelings, as she's dealt with depression. On the negative, she's going to be another one of my annoying friends who winds up kicking my ass for not doing what I need to do (because of my depression/anxiety disorders).

So read their blogs. They're great people, and I hope to be spending more time with them as, well, as the saying goes, time marching on.