10 June 2006

I'm back online -- but it's dialup!

OK, so I'm back on-line. I've found a somewhat more stable living environment. This very kind person (we'll call him "D") has allowed me to crash in his living room for the outrageous fee of helping him learn more about computers. He's kind, caring, and we have a lot in common. He has a computer but, at the moment, because he's just moving into his apartment, he has only dial-up access. Actually, the dial-up access is something that my friend, Cody, provided for me, through his AOL account (Cody works for AOL Wireless).

So anyway, now that I'm online again, hopefully I'll be updating my blog a bit more frequently.

Just as I logged in to work tonight and went to my personalized Google home page, I came across this story, about how some companies (like GM) do get the "new media" (online media), and how other companies (like the New York Times) just plain don't get it.

I'm back -- at least, for the time being. More tech, political, and gay rights issues to come, as well as the on-going soap opera that some call my life....

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