19 July 2006

Oprah Says She's Not Gay -- Yeah, Right

OK, I'm with Kathy Griffin on this one. I mean, what with Oprah Winfrey's BFF relationship with Gayle King, and all of their reported travelling and expeditions together ... mmmm-kay.

The blogosphere, of course, isn't buying it, either:

No real woman who has a man totes her "best girlfriend" to every darn thing, to EVERY very special event, etc. - TMZ.com

Headline of the Week: "Oprah: Gayle And I Are Friends, Not Lesbian Lovers" - Perezhilton.com (considering why Perez Hilton chose this as the headline of the week, I think it's pretty obvious what he really thinks of her statement....)

What do you mean there isn't a definition? Hello, it's called BFFs with benefits. - Jossip

More to come ....

Oprah Says She's Not Gay

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  1. OK, I'm posting comments to my own blog. How sad! But if you people out there reading this would just post something, I wouldn't have to do this.

    Plus, I didn't think that this warranted an entirely new post, so this is more like an update to my post, rather than a comment. I found this cute article on how celebrities are outing themselves as heterosexuals (erm, "asserting their heterosexuality") and, well, just guess who's mentioned as going along this route?

    Celebrities choose different routes when dealing with the 'gay rumor'.