04 July 2006

The power of finding others with similar interests

One of the features that I like about using Blogger as a blogging service is the profile feature. And one of the really cool hacks within the profile feature is that it turns the words you put into your profile into keywords of a sort, and you can click on any of the words in one's profile and retrieve a bunch of different profiles that contain the same keyword.

I happened to do this with one of my favourite books: Beloved by Toni Morrison. I happened to come across the profile of noe Ron Buckmire. I liked his picture, so I clicked on a link to his profiel, which then had a link to his home page (yes, he's old school -- he still maintains a "home page" on the 'net). On his home page, I found out that he is the creator of one of the first web sites that I went to on a regular basis, the Queer Resource Directory (QRD).

I'm feeling very nostalgic right now, as well as elated, as I never really knew who put up the QRD, or why. And now, I know. Not to mention, one of his favourite books also is Toni Morrison's Beloved, which is how I came to find his profile/home page in the first place.

How cool is that?

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