06 December 2006

Gay News Blog

Well, it's about time I finally came across a nice blog that pretty much sums up all the interesting news out there affecting the LGBT community, around the world. Sure, I could keep going to sites like gay.com but, the thing with them is all the clutter that's thrown at you when you're just trying to find out what the damned story is.

But this blog I came across (through Digg.com, actually, I believe...) does a great job of summarizing the relavant information, and compiling it all together. Take, for instance, this article on the growing phenomenae of the acceptance of gay marriage around the world, and the increasing rejection of gay marriage and refusal to recognize any sort of gay relationship on the same terms as heterosexual relationships within our soon-to-be dearly departed (especially if our government continues on its current kamikaze run) United States. I mean, in order for me to get all of this information, I'd probably have to run around the Internet visiting site after site specific to each country. But here, our fabulous blogger has put it all into one nicely presented basket of succinctly summarized information.

The only criticism I might have of our fabulous gay news blogger is that he appears to use only one source of news for each entry. That is, rather than checking out a few different sources, he relies primarly on one source. If I were him, I'd try to incorporate different sources (with quotes/references to same) when reporting on an item.

There's just so much out there for me to read and catch up on I don't know how I'm ever going to get it all done.