09 December 2006

Get an e-mail when I post to my blog

OK, so I was a little bit bored and I decided to check out some of my friend's blogs -- they don't update their blogs too often, though (some of them made one or two (or *ahem, Dr. Dan* three) freakin post and now it looks like their blogs have been abandoned. Poivre, poivre abandoned blogs. :-(

So anyway, while I was on my friend triLcat's site, I saw this nifty little box: enter your e-mail address and you'll be notified by e-mail as to when there are new posts to the blog. Now, while my blog has this feature built-in, it's something that I have to manually do. That is, I have to manually add in someone's email address in my preferences/settings, and the only way I'll know if they want to be added is if they send an e-mail asking me to do so.

So now, it's all automatic. I'm not quite certain as to how well this works, but we'll see. Try it out for yourself, now. It'll be in my sidebar, of course, where it should be. But for now, it's sitting right here:


Enter your email address to receive notifications when there are new posts

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