12 February 2007

An Unselfish Act

The other day, when I was getting out of work, I couldn't find my
metrocard to get on the subway. Just my luck, right? So I went into
the station with my last twenty dollar bill in hand, hoping to buy a
ten dollar metrocard with the twenty. As luck would have it, I got all
the way down the stairs and the entrance I had picked didn't have a
token booth, only the vending machines selling metrocards. I tried to
purchase a ten dollar card with my twenty dollar bill, but the
machines will only give out a maximum of six dollars in change! I
didn't want to buy a twenty dollar card as then I'd have no money
left, yet I needed to get back to where I was staying. so I started
asking people if they had change of a twenty. This one lady stopped
and looked, and apologized that she didn't have change. Then I guess
she saw that I was walking with a cane, and asked if I just needed a
swipe to get on the subway. It took me a minute to realize what she
was asking me, as it totally took me off guard. It's not that I'm so
shocked by random acts of kindness by strangers in New York; rather,
one can get in trouble for swiping someone else in using your
metrocard so I really wasn't expecting the offer. Anyway, I just
wanted to thank the kind lady who allowed me to get home after a long
night's work. When I got off the subway, I was able to get a ten
dollar metrocard from the token booth clerk at my destination stop.
This lady's kindness saved me from having to go up all those stairs
and back down just as many (stairs are one of the most difficult
obstacles for me to navigate, what with my bad leg and all) into
another subway entrance where I would have been able to buy a ten
dollar card from a booth clerk using my twenty dollar bill. Ah, the
trials and tribulations of being in New York City. :-)