13 November 2007

Therapeutic Rejuvenation (or, what I did this past weekend)

This past weekend, I went to Montauk, NY. It was a very interesting experience for me. It wasn't the first time I'd been there, but it was the first time that I'd been there since my car accident, nearly six years ago. After my accident, I've always felt that a part of me had been missing. It's kind of strange, but I've thought, at times, that the crash jolted some of my energy out of my body and has been stranded out in Montauk. Driving past the same spot where the accident occurred (one must drive through that spot to reach Montauk), I felt very .. weird. But now, I feel better, and more whole. I don't know if I picked up some of that missing energy, but I know that I'm feeling just a little bit better.

All in all, I'd say that it was very healing for me, and a good experience. It was great to be back out by the ocean. One of the things that I love about Montauk is going out to the beach and just sitting there and watching the waves roll in, crashing into the dunes. It's very relaxing. Plus, I really only go to Montauk in the off-season, which means that the beaches are pretty desolate, so it's very peaceful. No screaming kids and people running around to get in the way on one's serenity.

I didn't bring any books with me to read (which I usually do at the beach), I very much enjoyed just going out to the beach and becoming mesmerized by the waves crashing into the sand and the rocks. Additionally, I went to a part of the beach out there that I'd never been to before: Ditch Plains. That's where all the surfers go. And, even though it's pretty much off-season for Montauk, the surfers were out there in force, (yes, even though it was a very windy and somewhat balmy day).

So enjoy some of the scenes I took from my camera phone (I know, I need a better quality camera in my phone!). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the therapeutic rejuvenation that I experienced this past weekend, not from a spa but from our very own Mother Nature. :)

Serenity in Montauk


  1. I'm so glad you were able to return to where you had your accident, and that you feel more whole again.

    What a beautiful place to visit. I love watching the waves come in.