26 January 2009

California's Prop 8 Funding

OK, So I'm having a Twiscussion with this self-proclaimed geek from Salt Lake City, UT who developed a really cool social networking app. Seeing that he (and his company) were from Salt Lake City, UT, and knowing how the Mormons provided a massive amount of funding to support California's Proposition 8 I sent him a simple question:
Did you (or your corporation) provide any funding to support CA's Prop 8?
And thus began our Twiscussion (I'm coining a lot of new words these days ...).

I'm glad to say that Jesse has not provided any funds in support of Prop 8; however, in our discussion, he raised a really good, and valid, point:
[W]hat studies have been done to show there was money against Prop 8 in SLC? I'd venture to say none that are public.
I don't know about the money but I do know that there was a rally opposing Prop 8 in SLC last year.

So my fellow blogophiles, since I'm kinda spending the vast majority of my time dealing with personal and family issues, can someone else out there pick up the ball and run with this? Just how much money did come out of Salt Lake City, UT to oppose Prop 8 and how does that amount compare with the amount in support thereof?

Twiscussion: (c) 2009 by Peter C. Frank, a portmanteau of "Twitter Discussion" i.e., a discussion among individuals taking place over Web 2.0 / social networking web sites, such as the Twitter social networking web site, via (twitting) SMS-styled and lengthed messages. For example, holding a discussion via Facebook status updates, Twits on Twitter, etc.