16 January 2009

I've coined a new word: Webtivism

I just made a post on my Gather.com account and coined a new word in the process.

That word is


Webtivism is a portmanteau of "Web Activism." That is, webtivism is intentional action taken to bring about social or political change solely and strictly through the world wide web/Internet.

A great example of "webtivism" is the First Virtual March for LGBT Equality. In this particular case of webtivism, participants were asked to change their profile picture on Web 2.0 sites (e.g., social networking web sites such as Facebook.com) to one of thirteen different logos created by the web site, for a period of one week, in an effort to make a statement in support of gay rights.

I hereby copyright the portmanteau word, webtivism.

webtivism (c) 16 January 2009, Peter C. Frank