02 February 2009

Ain't Life Grand?

2 February 2009, 14:00

OK, so the Psycho Bitch (my younger brother's daughter's mother--who, when she met my sister told her "well I would never have a child out of wedlock because I am a CHRISTIAN") just showed up to my brother's apartment building (not the apartment itself but the building). She's actually standing downstairs, outside in the cold with her daughter (my younger brother's daughter, aka my niece Cherokee Phrakousonh, whom I have never met) and refusing to come inside because she saw me poke my head out of the window (I poked my head out of the apartment window because I heard somebody calling "Hellooooooooo" downstairs--not in a loud voice mind you but in a normal talking voice). Now, why she didn't pick up the phone and call my brother to let her know that she was here, I can't tell you because I don't know.

Now here's the best part: essentially, because this psychotic "Christian do-gooder" firmly believes that I'm one of those child-molesting, child-abusing little FAGGOTS (yes, she firmly believes that homosexual=child molester), she's going to subject her daughter to freezing temperatures and refuse to come inside because she doesn't want the child-abusing faggot near her daughter I still have yet to meet this other niece of mine and as long as the psychobitch has custody of her, I probably never will.

Now, for the record, I never have abused (sexually or otherwise) any child in my entire life, and I think that those who take the innocence away from a child (by abusing such child) should have all of their reproductive organs extricated from their bodies without the benefit or aid of anaesthesia.

OK, so now the manipulative psychobitch is getting my mother to give her food, because she's crying that the $75/week in child support that my brother gives her isn't enough for her to be able to afford pampers or food or anything. So my mother, not wanting to see one of her grandchildren suffer, is packing up a bag of food that she just bought for herself, and will herself now go hungry instead of allowing her granddaughter to go hungry. And the best part about this is that we all know that the food isn't going to find its way into the child's mouth; the psychobitch is going to use it to fill her own tummy. After all, why should she do anything when she can get free money from the state, plus foodstamps for [EDIT]threefour[/EDIT] people, by just laying around and being a welfare mom?

This is why I have coined the phrase, "Puerto Rican Princess." She just wants to be taken care of and doesn't feel that she should have to work or even lift a finger. She spends most of her time at my brother's, having him wait on her hand and foot, knowing that he would do anything for her because he's blinded by love.

One of these days, my family will wake up and smell the Java brewing....

Oooooh, and now my mother (who has difficulty walking and what not) is going to get in her car and drive over to this PRP psychobitch's house (or, more probably, pick her up on the corner where she's waiting for this gift of life-sustaining energy in the form of food and love from my mother, who really doesn't give a rats ass how she's treated by the psychobitch as long as she can see her grandchild and spend time with the grandchild -- oh yeah, that's something else; the psychobitch uses the fact that my mother gets joy out of spending time with her grandchild and therefore threatens to withhold visitation from her if she doesn't do certain things for her) to drop off the food.

Ain't life grand?