24 March 2009

Twilog -- a new word

So I just coined another new word, for use on #Twitter. Y'know, Twitter is really inspiring me to do so much, coin new words, start a #LGBTQ civil rights movement, get out and play with the Tweeples ...

If you're not on Twitter, you should be. Lance Ulanoff even agrees that you should be.

So my new word: Twilog.

I'm using it to describe a Twitter Log, or the log of tweets that a particular user makes. Yes, we can say that this is in their "tweets" but that doesn't really explain that there's actually a log of one's tweets being kept. Thus, Twilog.Or, if you'd rather, think of it as a portmanteau of Twitter blog (of course, "blog" itself being a portmanteau, so perhaps this is a portmandeux?).

You can find my twilog on Twitter.