05 March, 2009

Why the Gays are attacking the LDS Church's tax-exempt status

So I came across an article on Gather.com stating that gays and lesbians are attempting to take away the free speech of churches and religious folk b/c they're attacking the tax-exempt status of the Mormon Church.

I just had to set the record "straight" (pardon the pun...):

In response to You don't have to worry about flagging this for Hate Speech, it's already been done and Gather claims it is NOT. Christians--I have a serious question for you that I need your help answering!

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At Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 10:39:00 AM EDT, OpenID shoppingqueen said...

love your blog! I shall follow it more. great article. we have a problem in the UK that private schools where people pay money to send their children get a "charity status" and get tax benefits from that. This was always the cause.

But now its realised that its outrageous that they get the same status as a say struggling charity and now those schools will have to justify their status by doing things for the local community and non private schools. Maybe allowing their sports facilities to be open to the public or letting the other schools use their marvellous facilities. They are not happy about this! it amuses me :)

Daniel from Twitter x


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