04 January 2010

Healing Thoughts & Energies Requested

Please take a moment and send some healing thoughts & energies or prayers for my sister, Jennifer. She SMSd me (texted me) a short while ago that they her OB/GYN team has been unable to stop her labor and they are therefore going to have her undergo an emergency cesarean section to deliver the twin baby girls she's been carrying for the past nine or so months.

Her OB/GYN team originally had scheduled a somewhat-less-of-an-emergency cesarean section for tomorrow afternoon, because my sister had taken aspirin today (or some other NSAID). Unfortunately, when one has taken any NSAIDs 24 hours before surgery, the risks during and after surgery for complications to arise are greatly increased, mostly due to the ease at which a person will bleed with NSAIDs like aspiring in their bloodstream. She actually had been admitted to hospital & was undergoing an intravenous "flush" (using saline solution) to try to clear the aspirin out of her system more rapidly.

So right now, as I write this, my sister should be in the operating room and the doctors preparing to deliver her twin baby girls.

Yours thoughts, etc. on her behalf for a good delivery and uncomplicated surgery are most appreciated....

02 January 2010

Another Soldier Falls

I received this e-mail late last night. It saddens me that I didn't get a chance to know Rev Brett better than the little contact I had with him. He was a true pioneer, a soldier, a human being filled with love and compassion, and he will most definitely be missed. Our only comfort is in knowing that his energy persists, and that the mission he started will be continued and carried out by others.

[UPDATE] Apparently, Rev. Harris suffered a heart-attack last week.

Rest In Peace, good Reverend!

Rev. Brett Harris, the founder of Friends of Bryce and Ergonomical Ministries, passed away on New Years Day 2010. He was 48 years old at the time of his death.

In honor of the man and his work there will be an online visual here on the Friendsofbryce ning network in the chat room.

Date: This Sunday 3 January 2010
Time: 9PM Central Standard Time
Where: on the Friends of Bryce network on Ning

Come and meet other network members and lets remember the man and his vision that started all of this and brought us together.

FYI on Friends of Bryce

The ministry of Friends of Bryce has been in contact with most ministers. It has been decided that the work of Rev. Brett Harris should not stop with his sudden death. Myself with Gary Konnecky are working with the other ministers to continue both FOB and Ergonomical Ministries. The Mari Rev's work will not be lost and his vision will move forward.

We will be having a private Ministry meeting in 2 weeks after mourning Rev. After the meeting there will be an official release as to when and how Rev's work will continue.

As of right now the private network is going to stay up and running and as far as we know his other websites will too. In the event that everything is taken down I have all of your email address's and the private network will be rebuilt and one by one the others will follow.

Any questions on FOB need to be directed to me at the Ministry of Civic Awareness: Sheilaputang on yahoo

Hope to see you all Sunday Night.

Lets Remember the Man
that brought this movement together.

Rev you're free now to soar with the other angels.
You will be truly missed but never forgotten.