11 August 2010

In response to a question someone asked me

Someone recently asked a question of me on the Fabulis site and my answer wouldn't fit in the space provided, so I'm providing it here. The question was:

A: Here's my answer:

Hrm, I'd have to say waking up to watch the sun set in the arms of a man I've fallen 1001% for. Walking to the balcony in his arms while the servants start lighting candles about the palace, bringing in juicy bits of fruits & other organic, delicious, sweet foods along with some granola and whole grain cereals. Feeding each other as we begin our day, laptops on the table, checking in around the world and seeing what's going on. Interacting with others on-line, blogging, printing out coupons for sales, checking prices, seeing what's going on.

Watching the snow fall on twinkling lights around the city from the balcony, then running out to catch a musical concert featuring the best of Béla Bartók, Smetana, and the rest of the best of the Romantic composers, or perhaps a production of Die Zauberflöte. Running to the shops on 5th to catch all the latest sales and spending way too much money on presents for friends and strangers. Stopping by The Rock to admire the tree and watch as late-night revelers fall in love on the rink, skating in and out of each other's arms.

Returning to the palace in the northern 'burbs topped in a blanket of snow with a carriage full of presents, wrapped in their bows. Enjoying a nice candlelit meal of baked organic chicken & veggies, perhaps some pasta in a garlic sauce with a wonderful pinot grigio, in front of a roaring fire whilst watching Doris Day DVDs on the LED screen that fills almost an entire wall. Moving to the couch with popcorn and more organic fruits and scrumptious probiotic chocolates to dip the fruit in, snuggling up on the sofa until the snuggling turns into an uncontrolled passionate session of loving my man.

Finishing on the balcony wrapped in his arms and glory to watch the sun rise, then being carried in his strong, gentle arms to our well-appointed bed of down pillows & comforters fitted with 1,000 thread-count Calvin Klein linens, falling asleep wrapped up in his arms, lilting into the dream-world whilst he stays deep inside my ... every essence....

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