28 September 2010

An Open Letter to the United Nations, World Governments, and content copyright organisations

To: The United Nations General Assembly, All Governments and Political Authorities, Holders of Content Copyright

Living in the Age of the Internet, I am deeply puzzled over the ineptitude, unnecessary overcomplication, and (at times) outright hindrance of certain organisations to broadcast content over the Internet internationally simply because they're unable to successfully navigate the myriad complications in securing such permissions at a global level and must do so jurisdiction by jurisdiction.

The very idea and notion of building a global community has never been closer to reality than in today's Internet Age; villages in poverty-stricken, rural outlays are able to communicate with the entire world thanks to solar-powered laptop computers and wireless broadband.

The major obstacle to completing the global community is the deprecated notion of copyright legalities.

While I recognize that the originators and creators of content should have mechanisms in place to protect such content from being used in ways they hadn't intended, I believe that a simplification, rather than further complication, of laws should be the result on a global scale. Why should a web site like Hulu or Netflex or the BBC be prevented from showing their content the world over simply because they are unable to go to a single repository to secure redistribution rights, regardless of what form that redistribution takes place in?

It just doesn't make sense, in today's day and age of technological wonder, to continue using the antiquated systems that were built and dreampt up centuries ago.

I implore you, please develop a global repository for content creators to deposit content where it will be protected to the levels of their choosing so that others may redistribute (in whatever form they desire) such content in accordance with the creator's permissions in a simple, straight-forward manner.

Thank you for your courteous time and attention to my request.

Yours truly,
-Peter C. Frank