28 December 2010

QOTD: Tom's of Maine: Philosophy of Goodness

Tom's of Maine: Philosophy of Goodness is a video message that both serves as a commercial for their products but also as a vehicle to promote their corporate philosophy. It had me in tears.

Here are some quotes from the video, created and produced by Tom's of Maine:
"Success can be measured not only in terms of money made but in the good created that making uncommonly good products can actually serve the common good."

"Let's work together to accelerate the change for good."

"We can do more to help improve society so tell us not only how to improve our products but how to improve our world."

"Together we can be an unstoppable force for good."
According to the video statement, Tom's of Maine donates 10% of their profits to charities and "encourage[s their] employees to donate 5% of work time to community service."

They're asking the global community to bring worthy charitable causes to their attention that are in need of either or both of funding and exposure.

So watch the video now, answer a question from them and receive 50 butterfly rewards credits from Care2, which can be used to do works of good via the Care2 web site.

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