15 June 2012

I just need to vent for a bit..

Grant me the strength to accept fucktards I cannot change!

Am I wrong in this? Have I done anything wrong? What have I done to deserve this sort of treatment? Srsly!

Here's the skinny, Jimmy!

Wednesday Night:

Unfortunately i have to deal with this kumkwat of a fucktard as he's sort of a client and I do work for him (yes it's a "him"), but he's also supposed to be my friend, as well. So last night, I made a suggestion to him. It was only a suggestion, and he blew his top off. Here's the actual chat (mind you, I'd been waiting all day to speak with him about some stuff; we were even supposed to have a teleconference meeting but he blew me off b/c something else came up (which is understandable, except he didn't bother to tell me about it so I was sitting around waiting for him to call):
me: how r u? XXXXX: stressed.2:23 AM 
me: can i so anythung?2:28 AM  
me: do anything*
2:29 AM  
XXXXX: No. I have a confernce call with the Executive Board tomorrow at noon. I'll let you know then what's going on. Honestly, it dosen't look good. 
2:30 AM 
me: push the new legal entity XXXXX: see  anyway off to bed me: ok XXXXX: Everyone has a opinion.  godo night2:31 AM
me: sorry for trying to be helpful
After this, he blocked me on chat. He then went onto Facebook and posted like a bazillion things on his page (which he almost never does) and was up until 4:30am, not responding to any of my texts or chats or e-mails asking him what was going on and telling him I was only trying to be helpful and offer suggestions (but whenever I do that, he lashes out at me and asks me how stupid I think he must be).

OK, next day ...

A few hours ago, I try to find him online, but no dice. He still has me blocked in chat.

So i text him, and this is the actual entire conversation I had with him via texting:
Me: Srsly, you blocked me?
XXXXX: I did
Me: Wow. Way to be "professional." Talk to you next year, dude, after you've had some serious intensive psychotherapy to deal with your issues and how you treat people around you in your life, especially those who try to support and help you.
XXXXX: What?
XXXXX: What are talking about?
I don't respond. I just couldn't believe the gall and audacity of what he said and did. So then he finally hits me up on IM, and again asks me what I'm talking about (like he doesn't know). Ten mins later he says "thanks for not responding."

And then--get this: this dickwad of a kumkwat freaking calls me at 12:52 in the effing a.m. ***UNANNOUNCED***. In other words, the ringer on my phone was at its highest setting, because I wasn't expecting a late-night call. So of course, it wakes up my mom and younger brother, who both yell at me. And then, he doesn't bother to leave a voicemail (like I'm really going to speak to someone at 12:52 in the morning if I'm not expecting a phone call from them, or they don't text or IM or even e-mail me and ask if it's OK to call me at that time--despite the fact that I'm usually awake, that's some freaking nerve, if ya ask me!).

So after the phone call, I tweet out the following:
Phone calls at 12:50 in the morning, UNANNOUNCED. Wake up the whole fucking family. AND, no message. #WTF is wrong with people? #Srsly #FAIL
Now, anything I tweet out gets auto-posted to my Facebook timeline, and I checked to make sure it was there. The next morning, I go to check and it's no longer on my timeline. I mean, seriously? Noone's name was announced or anything. I'm not going to be unprofessional about it. There was no way to identify who was calling me. So why report my post to Facebook and have it removed?

After this, the dickwaded kumkwat of a fucktard then goes and un-friends me on Facebook and unfollows me on Twitter, and he blocks me on Google+. Like I give a rat's patootie! It just goes to show the level of his maturity (none?) and his mentality in dealing with people. And I still have to deal with him in the future, because I really, really need the couple of dollars I'm hoping will get thrown my way for doing all of this work!

**le sigh**

**le cry**


So what does everybody think? Did I do anything out of line? Am I not responding appropriately? WTF different should I be doing to deal with this cretin?