23 January 2015

Pope Francis Expresses His Views on Ecological Justice and Building Our Future

I don't care what your religion is, or what your view of Pope Francis is. I implore you to watch this -- it's less than 10 minutes long. The wisdom in his words is simply amazing. This is someone who is speaking #truth about our world, our communities, and he needs -- and deserves -- to be heard. Listen to the #truth this man is speaking about, and bring some #HOPE into your lives./

photo of Pope Francis with T-Shirt, "Water worth more than gold"
Pope Francis with T-Shirt, "Water worth more than gold"
This isn't about other things this man has said or what he's done elsewhere. Tell me that, after spending 10 minutes watching this, you don't feel better, or believe everything he's said. We must restore faith in our youth by building communities, by implanting in them the wisdom from our elders, and give them purpose so that they go out into the world and work to make it a better place.

And we have the power to do this, right here, right now, however we wish to go about doing so. But we need to start doing this, and put a sincere effort into it, for the continuation of our civilization, our world, our cultures, and our lives. And we need to ensure that we impart the wisdom of our elders into our youth, and stop ignoring all of the information, intelligence, and wisdom that our elders posses.

#WATCH #THIS: Pope Francis To Big Oil And Others: God Says Go Frack Yourself And Stop Destroying The World (VIDEO) http://bit.ly/1uBxyao