24 September 2015

Bernie Sanders discusses the historic 2015 visit by Pope Francis to the USA

Senator Bernie Sanders, a 2016 US Presidential Candidate, speaks with a reporter about the historic visit by Pope Francis to the USA in September 2015.

About US Senator Bernie Sanders

It should come as little surprise to people who know me that I am throwing my support behind United States Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is running on the Democratic ticket for President of the United States of America in 2016. As a Progressive Republican (f/k/a Lincoln / Hayes / Roosevelt / Eisenhower / Rockefeller Republican), I agree with Bernie on most of his views. More than that, Bernie is as sincere, authentic, and honest an elected official (aka politician) there ever was.

In fact, not only is Sanders sincere, authentic, and honest but he has a decades-long track record that we can examine that goes back over four decades. He has been fighting for the same issues for over forty years. He has been advocating for the middle class for nearly half a century. And he has been fighting for civil and human rights for over half a century -- since he was a young student at university.

Indeed, we are living in a time where our elected officials are managed as much as Hollywood celebrities -- if not more so. Jon Stewart, that brilliantly inimitable comedian who found humor (too much of it, apparently) in today's news, put it best:

The problem here isn't that Bernie Sanders is a crazy pants cuckoo bird, it's that we've all become so accustomed to stage-managed, focus group-driven candidates that authenticity comes across as lunacy. ~Jon Stewart
Sanders is that authentic, honest candidate who major (corporate) media readily dismisses as a loon, as unelectable, as a fly-by-night candidate. If one takes the time to listen to his views, ideas, and plans and truly is open to hearing what he has to say, it becomes readily clear that he is anything but. You see, Sanders is not for sale, so the corporations and oligarchs will do everything in their power to ensure he does not become President of the USA -- which is all the more reason that we, the people, must ensure that he does.

I've always said that the best way to learn about Bernie and his views, ideas, and what he stands for is to get the info straight from the horse's mouth. There is no better way, IMHO, to do that than to view one of the videos where he is engaged either in an interview, a Q&A session, or interacting with a crowd of folks -- as opposed to just delivering a stump speech (which are great as well, but they don't offer the insight that I believe the Q&A/interview-styled videos offer).

This particular interview goes a bit more in-depth into exploring Senator Sanders's views and his plans to restore the American middle class than some others. It's a great video to show to someone who is genuinely interested in hearing the Senator's ideas and his plans but who hasn't had much exposure to him before.

Please feel free to share this widely! The best electorate is an informed electorate -- something the ruling oligarchs do not wish us to have.

 (this blog post is not an official campaign post)