09 October 2015

Joe Scarborough Knows Bernie Sanders CAN Win the Election!

+MSNBC's +Morning Joe show on October 5, 2015 discusses the latest historic and record-breaking rally that US Presidential candidate hopeful Bernie Sanders held:

Over 20,000 people packed the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on Saturday, October 3, 2015 with another 5,000 or so outside the center in an overflow area watching his nearly two-hour-long speech, reports Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski. She says that Sanders's rally broke all records for political events in recent history, doubling the turnout of Barack Obama's 10,000 supporters in 2008.

Brzezinski ponders, "and I, I don't, I mean I -- is he a celebrity and I just missed it?" As she continues to watch the footage, she says, "Look at their faces, watching on screens in an overflow area. You would think that this was a Taylor Swift concert."

Finally, she asks, "What the heck is going on? But why are they there, what's drawing them?"

Co-host Joe Scarborough, a conservative former member of Congress from Florida, answers her question: "The thing is you know we've all learned everybody like went to took their mass comm 101 class always heard that the medium is the message. No. In this case, the message is the message and it's about Bernie Sanders and Mike that's your town, a record setting event in a very political town."

He continues, "We're still a year out and I mean, this guy -- people need to stop, and Albert's been saying this for some time ..."

Finally, Scarborough ends with this clincher: "People have got to stop saying, 'well Bernie Sanders is doing great but he can't win.'"

So there you have it: a conservative Republican former Congressmember essentially telling mainstream media "journalists" -- on what essentially is his own news analysis show -- that Bernie Sanders can, in fact, win the election. In doing so, he implies that they (the media) really need to stop dismissing his candidacy and begin giving it the coverage it deserves.

How ironic that a politician has more journalistic integrity than most journalists!

Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough Knows Bernie Sanders CAN Win the Election! http://bit.ly/1Lab9n4