14 February 2016

What Is Bernie Sanders's Single Issue?

At the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate on February 11, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Secretary Clinton essentially called Bernie Sanders a single-issue candidate.

Hillary Clinton says she's not a single-issue candidate.
But what does she think this single issue is? (Click image for full-size)
But I'm a bit confused by this message (the sixth or so message we've heard) from Clinton. Can someone please tell me what, exactly, is Sanders's single issue? Clinton didn't specify what she thought it was. And, I can't figure out which of these 63 issues (and I probably missed a few) Sanders has raised during this campaign, which I've been tracking, she was referring to:
  1. Getting Money Out of Politics?
  2. Health Care for Everyone?
  3. Raising the Minimum Wage to $15/hr?
  4. Tuition-free public college?
  5. Campaign Finance Reform?
  6. Overturning Citizens United?
  7. Real Criminal justice reform?
  8. Combating Climate Change?
  9. Education as a Right?
  10. Income inequality?
  11. Reign in Wall street?
  12. Racial Justice?
  13. Pay Equity?
  14. Fighting Big Pharma?
  15. Clean Energy?
  16. LBGTQ Rights?
  17. Fighting Discrimination?
  18. Giving Us Hope?
  19. Legalizing Marijuana?
  20. Getting Rid of Dirty Fuels?
  21. Leaving Our World Safe for Our Kids?
  22. Ending Illegal Government Spying?
  23. Bringing People Together?
  24. Protecting the Internet for Everyone to Use?
  25. Comprehensive Immigration Reform?
  26. A Path Toward Citizenship?
  27. Disastrous Trade Treaties & Policies?
  28. Restoring the Middle & Working Classes?
  29. Expanding Social Security?
  30. Health Care as a Right?
  31. Supporting Our Seniors?
  32. Defeating ISIS?
  33. Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure?
  34. Handling Homelessness?
  35. Taking Care of our Veterans?
  36. Paid Family & Medical Leave?
  37. Less International Interventionism?
  38. Reducing Mass Incarceration?
  39. Protecting Women's Rights?
  40. Economic Justice?
  41. Making Corporations Pay Their Fair Share?
  42. Demilitarizing the Police?
  43. Reducing Student Debt?
  44. Renewable Energy
  45. Energy Policy?
  46. Enacting Sensible Gun Control?
  47. Creating Jobs?
  48. Making the Rich Pay Their Fair Share?
  49. Eliminating Childhood Poverty?
  50. Affordable Housing?
  51. Animal Welfare?
  52. Agriculture, including Farming and GMOs?
  53. Protecting Our Environment?
  54. Asian American/Pacific Islander Rights?
  55. Black Lives Matter?
  56. Cybersecurity?
  57. Drug Policy & Treatment?
  58. Mental Health Revolution?
  59. Latino Rights?
  60. Native American Rights?
  61. Political & Electoral Reform?
  62. Science & Technology?
  63. Supporting Small Business & Entrepreneurship?
Perhaps Clinton is too busy raising money for her campaign and has only had time to focus on one of Sanders's many issues; of course, she still has yet to say which one that is. As someone who walks the walk, Sanders doesn't do any fundraising, especially from big money interests and large campaign contributors. Thus, he's free to spend time doing other things like focusing on the issues and leading the political revolution that is engaging or re-engaging tens of millions of people into the political process:

Bernie & Jane Sanders
This is the promise of America, and this is the promise we must keep alive for future generations. What began last week in Iowa, what voters here in New Hampshire confirm tonight, is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution.

It is a political revolution that will bring tens of millions of our people together. It will bring together working people who have given up on the political process. It will bring together young people who have never participated in the political process. It will bring together blacks, and whites, latinos, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, straight and gay, male and female. People who were born in America, and people who immigrated here.

We will all come together to say loudly, and clearly that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us, not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. That is what this campaign is about, that is what the political revolution is about. [source]

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