05 June 2009

My #followfriday recommendations on Twitter

Today is #followfriday on Twitter. In a nutshell, this is the day when Twitter users recommend others to follow. As @Mashable puts it,
"The idea is to think of interesting people you already follow and recommend them to others. "
My list has grown a bit, so instead of tweeting it, I'm going to tweet this post, and then link to the people I recommend on here. I can also add comments about users here, as well, as that pesky 140-character limit won't get in the way.

All of the following Twitter users are people I recommend because they're personable, knowledgeable, helpful, insightful, and good folk. Send them an @ (a directed message on Twitter) and you'll most likely get a response. Additionally, I've also tagged certain people with other twitter hashtags, to denote whether they're, say, a #women2follow, a #mondaymensch, or a #samesexsunday individual. You may also see some people tagged as #techtuesday -- this is I have started and explain in this blog posting. Some mates are all of the above, or some of the above. But they're all at least a #followfriday!

Finally, more often than not, this list will be updated every Friday with more recommendations of people I've found on Twitter to be worthy of following. :)

So here is my #followfriday list:

The originals, dated 5 June 2009:

@allaboutenergy -- she's very positive and sends out lots of good vibes. Definitely a #women2follow and #mondaymensch
@marcthom -- just a great guy down under. A #mondaymensch #samesexsunday and #techtuesday mate as well.
@twithug -- a great way to send out some twitter love.
@jerb -- cute as a button who provides funny social commentary. Totally #samesexsunday him as well.
@ellifordyce -- an awesome gal who's reinventing herself for the third time, in her 70s. And what a voice she has! Absolutely a #women2follow and a #mondaymensch
@rockingjude -- straight-shooter, no-nonsense, grab'm by the bollocks advice giver. #women2follow as well.
@vonirrwegen -- just a beautiful person, inside & out. Top #samesexsunday person and a #mondaymensch as well.
@frugalcouponmom -- great advice on frugal living #women2follow
@MathieuB -- great computer cost-cutting tips. Awesome #techtuesday guy and a #mondaymensch as well.
@mattskal -- web 2.0/3.0 genius, social networker extraordinaire (that's a social networking socialite or SNS) and awesome #samesexsunday #techtuesday dude.
@cligs -- IMHO the best URL-shortening service #techtuesday
@kurtismarsh -- this guy likes to RT interesting stuff
@HollywoodConsul -- non-profit advocate, lover of life. A #women2follow and #mondaymensch
@MarquitaThomas -- because I get good tips on how to better organize/plan just from reading her tweets. She's a great #women2follow #samesexsunday no-holds-barred diva!
@DanielJUK -- he's just a huge sweetheart! Definitely #samesexsunday this #mondaymensch.
@EleART -- she's got a terrific eye for all things aesthetically beautiful. Total #women2follow
@vabchmo -- it's just interesting to follow someone's life's journeys, and this one is a bit more interesting than most.
@ericabiz -- everybody needs a good business coach, and she's better than most on Twitter. She's a prime #women2follow.
@rogerbauer -- a helpful marketer.
@BJMendelson -- he's fighting for a very worthy cause. Also a #mondaymensch
@Disaboom -- for those of us who suffer live with a disability(ies)
@LanceUlanoff -- awesome, knowledgeable technology enthusiast so #techtuesday him, too!
@phonescooper -- he's your go-to guy for all things mobile. Definitely #techtuesday him.
@coffeewithian -- I grew up with him but aside from that, he can be quite helpful in establishing/expanding your on-line presence. Oh, and he likes coffee. A #mondaymensch, too!

Added for 19 June 2009 #followfriday:

@sayitwithecards -- Always something bright and cheery to say, or cute and quippy. Anyway, if you need to send an e-card, then you should be speaking to her. Also a #mondaymensch -- perhaps the original #mondaymensch. She's also a #women2follow, too.
@DorianDavis -- he's one of those non-celeb celebs. You know the type. I think he's a #samesexsunday hottie as well....
@StevenBlue -- for some poetic justice and words that will melt your heart, you should follow and #samesexsunday him as well!
@TreeBanker -- because we could all use a little more green in our lives
@TheCuriousMind -- because curiosity is (usually) a good thing, even if it killed the cat....
@Tina_cious -- I went to school with this divamommy who is just as fierce as she is sweet (and slezzy (which is sleazy+lezzy combined ;) ) ) #samesexsunday this diva.
@FearCake -- Contrary to his name, he LOVES cake (which is a beautiful thing). Great tech advice, and an all-around nice guy. Too bad he's not single, though. :( #samesexsunday him as well!

Added for 26 June 2009 #followfriday:

@RobMcNealy -- a font of great, useful information and ideas, great communicator, and all-around nice guy
@maxime68 -- A wonderful gal who asks intriguing questions, considers opinions/input of others, and presents a global view of the world. Great #samesexsunday and #women2follow power Twitter, too!
@WhiteHeron_MI -- a truly interesting and inspiring individual who is intelligent, compassionate, and caring. Also a #samesexsunday bloke.
@Jason_Pollock -- awesome links, creative, wonderful energy, extremely engaging, and a wonderful #mondaymensch
@tedoe -- inspiring, supportive, full of great ideas, and a kick-ass web designer so if you're in the market for a web designer, tweet her up! Another great #samesexsunday, #women2follow, and #mondaymensch recommendation.
@SMM353 -- A true New Yorker, with all that that entails. Total #samesexsunday hottie. I'd love to spend some time at the Met (museum) with him, and a stroll through Central Park, winding up at Cafe Lalo for a nice amaretto hot chocolate!
@RODRIGDB -- He loves to talk politics. He wants to move to New York City. He likes to have fun, and he cares about folks. #samesexsunday him, too!

Added for 3 July 2009 #followfriday:

@JesseNewhart - An artist and social networking wonder who provides great, useful, and interesting links not just for on-line and technology but science and life in general. He's also a #mondaymensch.
@TechCrunch -- for breaking news on the technology front, this is a great source of information. Don't expect a follow-back; however, @ messages will usually get a response. A fantastic #techtuesday source of information.
@lisahanockjasie -- an opinionated New Yorker with great ideas who loves to write and communicate with others. Also provides interesting news tidbits. A #women2follow gal, as well.
@anxietydepress -- I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, and this person just provides great messages and helpful hints on dealing with these two crippling illnesses. A wonderful #mondaymensch!
@urgentagenda -- for a critical analysis of government from the conservative side, take a look at this chap who provides intelligent and insightful commentary without a lot of the rhetoric that the far-right espouses.

Added for 17 July 2009 #followfriday (as well as for 10 July 2009, when I was unable to update this posting due to being disconnected from the grid):

@RightsOdyssey -- because they're redefining a civil rights movement for the 21st century. Definitely #samesexsunday them as well!
@JimmyErickson -- this man's journeys are just plain old interesting. It's like reading a book, in Twitter format, of course! Pretty sure he's one of those #samesexsunday folk, too.
@mcm180 -- this smart, intelligent, mad-sexy #samesexsunday papichulo tweets out quips of witticism from his blackberry-addicted fingers. His insightful tweets have often left me pondering things. Plus, I did mention that he's mad-sexy, right? Oh, but more importantly, this #mondaymensch has a heart of 24-carat gold!
@LawyerMama -- this attorney takes some awesome photographs, writes well, is politically-active and concerned, and reminds me of Susan Dey's character on L.A. Law, Grace Van Owen.
@AmyPaulin -- this politics-as-unusual powerhouse of a woman has a caring, compassionate heart who cares about her constituents. She's honest, and she gets things done. This #mondaymensch is definitely not your typical politico. She supports full equality for all and as such is a #samesexsunday #straightally. Amy is a #women2follow because, although elected as a politician to a political position (New York State Legislature), she is in reality a public servant who deserves to remain in the service of the public.
@NewYorkology -- if you're ever at a loss for something to do in New York (City), then look up this twerson for taking a great big fantastic, fun-filled fabulous bite out of The Big Apple.
@HottestTea -- I'm a tea lover, and if you're a tea lover, too, you'll follow this tea-rrific person for great tweets about tea recipes, facts, and trivia.
@TristanRose -- this #samesexsunday twerson has nothing ordinary about her. A rapper who nurses, this enigmatic lesbian causes mayhem and confusion wherever she goes. Just try to figure her out--I dare ya!
@strt_notnarrow -- I'm the first to admit that religion no longer has a place in my life; I'm spiritual, not religious. But there are those who have a need for religion. And for those folks, I'd have to recommend this #mondaymensch.
@BBCClick -- if you've known me for long, then you'll know what a fan I am of the BBC. This Twitter account provides tweets from their hit #techtuesday show, Click.
@SissyHickey -- she, along with her cast of misfits in this groundbreaking television programme, Sordid Lives--the series, comprised of @Sissy Hickey, @The Brother Boy, @Next Door Noleta, @Peggy Ingram, @Juanita Bartlett, @Ty Williamson WH, @Latrelle Williamson, @Lavonda Dupree, @Bitsy Mae, @Dr. Eve Bollinger, and @Wardell Owens, is just about the funniest thing out of American television to come along since The Golden Girls, with the wit, intelligence, and drama right up there, too. It's just a terrible sham that their creator couldn't find funding to continue the series after the eight short episodes that aired on @logochannel. So check out the rest of this comic troupe.
@RedCross -- they provide great tips on making sure that you're prepared in the event of an emergency or (worse yet) a disaster, and they also provide information on their own disaster-relief efforts around the globe.
@NGblog -- I just can't figure this person out but their tweets have me captivated, so follow this #samesexsunday #techtuesday #mondaymensch!
@PushyBroad -- if you need a publicist, or a journalist, then this is the #samesexsunday #women2follow chick for you!
@DunkinDonuts -- because they are, hands-down, the best.
@FreebiesGalore -- these days, everybody could use a little free in their life, and this twerson definitely delivers on that premise!
If you feel that you should be on my #followfriday recommendations list, then send me an @ message or a DM, and tell me why. Or, leave a comment, below!
@TweetOpenSource -- this #techtuesday is a great source for all things that are open-source. FOSS (Free, Open-Source Software) is provided free of charge, along with the source code, so anyone with the correct programming knowledge can look at and modify the program to their liking--perhaps even redistributing it (depending on the terms of the licensing).

Added for 24 July 2009 #followfriday:

@ShellyRunyon -- her tweets make me laugh, and think. Sometimes, they even make me do both at the same time. So follow this #women2follow for a dish of delightful energy served up strong as succotash.
@Keithdriscoll -- This #techtuesday bloke provides great commentary on today's technology and is a fountain of knowledge of many things tech. Ask him a question and he'll provide an answer--even if that answer is that he doesn't know (which, let's face it, many folks nowadays are too proud or whatever to admit to; it's refreshing to find someone honest in the world, isn't it?)
@GoldenGirlsFans -- The Golden Girls is, IMHO, the best television that America has produced within the past half-century. So follow this tweeter, who tweets quips, quotes, and showtimes of this fantastically terrific show.
@Creporter -- she's a journalist for @consumerreports (who you should also follow), this #women2follow #mondaymensch is constantly researching products and looking out for the consumer, highlighting both the bad and good that companies do. A true champion in the world of justice.
@TRAVhodges -- this #samesexsunday cutie is out there fighting the good fight while tweeting about the wonders of NYC from the eyes of a visitor. It's refreshingly delicious!
@1txsage1957 -- this #samesexsunday #women2follow disabled activist takes a no-holds-barred attitude in her tweets and writings. While definitely slanted to the left, most of what she has to say has truth, and venom. And her tweets range the gamut of the rainbow in terms of subject matter. Another fountain of knowledge in the twitterverse!
@WomensLaw -- this #women2follow #mondaymensch provides legal support to victims of domestic (and perhaps other forms of) abuse throughout the United States of America. They should get in touch with @AmyPaulin, another champion of the abused victim.
@StopChronicPain -- this couple tweet about their live and business, and the ways in which they've found to alleviate chronic pain via natural remedies. They're just interesting folks, and definitely a #mondaymensch.
@Disability -- Rudy is a person who happens to have a disability. And as such, he likes to help others who have disabilities, so he's become a disability advocate. He tries to find resources, help, support, and what not for persons with disabilities, and also provides great energy and supportive tweets for those of us suffering with one or more disabilities. A true #mondaymensch!
@Brokers4Charity -- this is perhaps a great example of capitalism and volunteerism. These folks network with real estate brokers around the United States and donate a portion of their profits to charitable causes who are registered with them. What an awesome and great way to conduct business. Definitely a #mondaymensch.
@Disaboomjobs -- this tweeter helps persons living with disabilities (all kinds) find employment, jobs, gigs--you know, something in addition to their disability income. Another great #mondaymensch
Sorry the list is so short for this week but I've been dealing with a personal/family crisis.

Added for 14 August 2009 #followfriday:

@CafeLalo -- one of the best -- if not the best -- places to go for a cup of tea (or coffee if you choose) and something sweet after the theatre, movie, or dinner. I first discovered what is now one of my favourite drinks there: an amaretto hot chocolate (served with a slice of chocolate swirl cheesecake, can we say yummmmmm?).
@RU_Green -- this twitter user tweets about living green, providing great tips and resources on how to maximize one's eco-friendliness in daily life.
@SandraBernhard -- this stand-up comedienne / actress extraordinaire is just flat-out funny. She's pushy, punchy, and delivers a robust cornucopia of laughs. Follow this #women2follow to put a little bit of fun in your day.
@ContactAFamily -- this #mondaymensch of an organisation provides services for families that have children with disabilities. Their tweets are full of support, advice, information, comfort, and general goodness.
@LoriMoreno -- she has great, positive energy whilst tweeting about her experiences globe-hopping.
@BibicCharity -- another #mondaymensch of an organisation, this group provides assistance to families with children who suffer from developmental disabilities
@ChasingTao -- this #samesexsunday photographer has wonderful, positive energy, beautiful photographs, interesting tweets that make you think or are filled with support, and is a great advocate for the well-being of all humankind.
@zefrog -- a wonderful #samesexsunday bloke, this twerson walks to the beat of a different drum. He loves books, reading, politics, and interacting with folks. He also take astounding pictures (which can be viewed on his flickr account), and is a true artiste!
@OfficialKathyG -- I don't know if this is really the official Twitter account of Kathy Griffin (if it is, please verify yourself!!!) but if you don't know who Kathy Griffin is, then you must get to know this comedic genius. A self-professed D-list hollywood starlet, this diva dishes the dish and tells it all, just as it is. No spin zone or hollywood fluff here! UPDATE: I have determined that this is, in fact, the real Kathy Griffin Twitter account--yay! Now bitch, verify yourself so we don't gotta research the hell outta ya!
@NYerNina -- this former New Yorker (now Londoner) is one of those Renaissance types: vocalist, actress, designer, fashionista, mother, globe-trekker, etc. A really wonderful and interesting #women2follow!
@CyberThoughts -- a wonderful twerson who provides insightful and educational tweets, this #techtuesday #women2follow loves life and loves sharing and spreading all of the love and joy that's filled in her love.

Added for 21 August 2009 #followfriday:

@itstartswithus -- he's working on a secret project in order to improve the world, and building a network of folks who radiate positive and supportive energy, which is just what he sends out. Follow this #mondaymensch!
@bbcnews -- IMHO the best source for news in the English language as compared to any other news agency around the globe. They focus more on factual news reporting, keeping bias to an absolute minimum, and for that, they are the ONE and ONLY source of news I'll turn to when I'm emotionally able to deal with what's going on in the world today.
@BwaySpeaksOUT -- this #samesexsunday Broadway lover tweets all about the goings-on of Broadway, as well as what and how Broadway is doing to support the LGBT community, which we all know really runs the show and drives the continued success of this New York entertainment institution.
@JBFeelBetter -- this tweeter tweets about coping with depression and anxiety from his own personal perspective, as well as how he views the world and how these particular mental illnesses can affect one's perspective and viwes. An interesting bloke for certain!
@ThailandOnline -- this tweeter takes some of the most interesting goings-on in Thailand (that country that used to be known as Siam) and tweets about them. If you like to learn about different cultures, and also learn a little about one of the countries to which my ancestral roots stretch into, then follow this twerson!

Added for 25 September 2009 #followfriday:

@JanaeJ -- this #women2follow is a real estate broker involved with the wonderful concept of @brokers4charity. She donates a portion of her income received from her work as a real estate broker to various 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organizations. And she gives great tweets on the real estate market as well. Follow this #mondaymensch!
@blacgurlzink -- this #samesexsunday #women2follow created her own business doing greeting cards. Like @sayitwithecards and @allaboutenergy, she is a #mondaymensch who enjoys helping others and provides great energy.
@GlobalGiving -- the purpose of Global Giving is to connect donors with community-based projects in need of support. Their tweet stream offers a way for folks with money to network with non-profit projects in need of money, as well as provide general support to the twitterverse on how to chane the world to make it a better place. Quite a #mondaymensch they are!
@ProjectLaundry -- working to make air-drying laundry (ala clothesline in your back yard) socially acceptable as an eco-friendly way to dry clothes.
@CitizenTube -- Citizentube follows news, politics, and social change on YouTube.
@earthoutreach -- Google Earth Outreach . You want to change the world, they want to help.
@Ecochickie -- Founder & Editor of Eco Chick, this twerson tweets about ways to green up the planet via daily activities. Also a #women2follow writer for the Huffington Post.
@justfreestuff -- Everybody could use a little bit of free in their lives now and then and this Twitterer certainly serves up more than their fair share!
@russpalmer -- this Twitterer is a social media guru who makes you think about the world. Quite an interesting bloke to follow, for sure!
@freebiequeenbee -- Follow this #women2follow, who is the self-proclaimed Queen of Everything Free (find out about the latest web sites that offer up free deals, samples, coupons, etc.)
@DeborahSerani -- a Psychologist who tweets about mental health issues, raising the awareness of this invisible illness and disease. She is a #mondaymensch of a #women2follow who also is an author and professor of psychology.
@History_Daily -- You know the History Channel and their great and wonderful educational programs? Well, this is their Twitter Account, providing lessons and information in 140 characters or less. How fab is that?

Added for 23 October 2009 #followfriday -- local & Re-FF'd edition:

I know I haven't been adding folks on a weekly basis but I've been pretty busy with things. So my first recommendation for today's #followfriday is going to be for @courtesycarsvc -- which is a company I'm going to be co-owning and running. So here's my list for my new recommendations of folks to follow. And just remember that everyone listed above should be followed as well! Since I've been working more on this business than anything over the past month, most of my tweets will be local folks -- but they're worthy of being followed no matter where in the world you are, as they're all great tweeple!

@courtesycarsvc -- I'm going to be an owner of this car service company (think upscale taxi, black car service, etc.). We provide local, long distance, and airport service throughout the New York Metropolitan region. We're based out of Yonkers but if you're can pay the fare, we'll pick you up from anywhere and bring you to your choice of destination. We're probably the first car service company in the region to be utilizing social networking in our business. Be sure to become a fan on Facebook, and stay tuned for tweets/updates of special discounts, offers, etc. Let us know if you have a large number of employees or members in your organization based in or near Yonkers, and we could discuss a group discount....
@givesmehope -- this is a #mondaymensch of a great web site which is basically the opposite of FML (F*** My Life) -- it's a web site where people write about great stories of inspiration that give them (and others) hope. Users vote on their favourites, which then get published on the site.
@HomeStyling101 -- this awesome #women2follow, #mondaymensch, wife, and mother of two children is running her own business, providing clients with great advice on decorating, renovating, and greening up their homes (one would think
Look to her for some great tips on how to live a greener life and how to get the most out of your redecorating/renovating budget!
@MichellePerrone -- this great lady provides tips on how to live a healthier, longer life. What great energy she has.
@AllAboutEnergy -- OK, she's already listed above but since she lives in the area, she deserves to be listed twice. This wonderful tweepal just provides lots of support to those in needs, and just gives off great, wonderful, healing, loving energy in general. A definite tweepal!
@NYerNina -- another re-list, because this Diva who's originally from New York needs to find her way back home. So tweet up this wonderful Tweepal and help her find her way back to New York!
@RockingJude -- y'know, this truly terrific Tweepal has ~70k+ followers and yet, she takes the time out to read my tweets. I know this b/c she's re-tweeted some of my tweets that I didn't tell her about. I can't promise, or even imagine, that she'll do this for everyone but because of this, who she is, and what she does to try to change the world for the better, she deserves a second mention.
@vonIrrwegen -- perhaps the closets tweepal/friend I've made through Twitter, just interacting with him fills me with such joy, knowledge, and life. He's a truly wonderful person who truly loves all that Twitter -- and the world -- have to offer.
@NYPhilanthropy -- this should be pretty self-evident but we all should know what some of the greatest and kindest souls on this planet are doing in silence to better the world. There are those who effect change through being outspoken (like @RockingJude) and then there are those who just pour money into wonderful organizations that help make this world a better place in which to live (like @NYPhilanthropy).
@RE_law -- A real estate lawyer who provides tweets to articles explaining, in plain English, things that people should know about real estate, financing, home buying, home ownership, etc. Another #mondaymensch of a guy -- lawyers providing information to educate consumers for free -- who knew?
@TeamWBC -- A great organization that strives to connect business owners with other business owners in the region. Basically, it's social networking, old-school style!
@LoHud -- if you want to know what's going on in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York State (where I live), then this is your premiere source.
@FoundInYonkers -- a great source to find out what's going on of interest in Yonkers and throughout Westchester County in general. Great tips on free (and not so free) events in the region!
@TheMaXiMiZer -- this is the person I'm going to be turning to for lots of help as I dive into @QuickBooks and begin learning its ins & outs; she really seems to know her QuickBooks stuff!
@NetworkPlus -- like @TeamWBC, this is another old-school networking organization that's taken to the social websphere to help grow its ranks.
@EverythingLuLu -- I wonder if they are in affiliation with and/or have anything to do with @CafeLalo in New York City's Upper West Side; their confectionery creations are scintillatingly scrumptious and deliriously delightful just to look at (I can feel the drool running down my face now gazing at their goodies!).
@WestchesterLife -- A different, interesting take on living the life in Westchester County, New York State.
@Westchesterprnt -- not Westchester Print (like I had originally thought) but instead it's the Twitter account for Westchester Parent Magazine, the premiere source for parents raising their children in Westchester County. If you're raising kids in Westchester County -- whether they be your own or someone else's -- then you should definitely check this twerson out!
@BurkesBar -- a great pub located in Yonkers, New York that serves up some awesome food with some sassy drinks. If you're in the mood for great atmosphere, food, drinks, and good times, then check this place out!
@ElliFordyce -- This #mondaymensch of a @women2follow who moved to Yonkers around the same time I did (around a year ago) is an amazing lady in the truest sense of the word; she's a gal in her 70s who's recently launched her THIRD career -- being a jazz vocalist. And let me tell you something, this jazz baby (Thoroughly Modern Millie reference implanted here by subliminal messaging) knows how to belt it out and simultaneously soothe the soul!
@west_travel -- If you're traveling to, from, or within Westchester County, look to this twerson for some great tips, tricks, advice, and treats!
@Doralarrowwood -- did you know that there are resorts located within Westchester County? Doral Arrowwood happens to be one such place, where you can go to relax and just get away from it all, whether it be for a game of golf, a day at the spa, some fine wining & dining, or perhaps a night in one of their luxurious rooms. Take it from me -- I've spent a few nights there (when I had the $$$ to do so) when I just needed a break; it's paradise in Westchester!
@westsportstalk -- If you're a sports fan, this is the twerson to follow for all of the sports talk you could possibly want within Westchester County and the region.
@MSPNY -- a wonderful #mondaymensch, My Sister's Place has been providing assistance to victims of domestic violence in the county for decades.
@AmyPaulin -- a #mondaymensch and #women2follow who is a champion of victims' rights, especially those who are victims of domestic violence. Amy is one of those rare breeds: a non-politician politician. She does what it takes and works with whomever she must in order to get the job done; a true public servant -- much like Sandy Annabi from Yonkers (but I can't find a Twitter account for her!)
@drbard101 -- billing himself as a high-tech dentist who really cares, I'm in need of some dental work. If I can work out a payment arrangement with him and my insurance folks, I'll let you know how it goes. But for now, look to him for some interesting opinions re: the wacky world of medicine!
@wildthymes -- I haven't sampled their fares yet but this sounds like some really great, wholesome, an tasty food!
@darcangeloCPAs -- If you're in need of a full-service accounting firm in the region and QuicBooks just can't get the job done for you, give these good folk a look-see and they should be able to fulfill your needs.
@WestchesterBiz -- a special interest group devoted to helping Westchester County businesses grown, learn, expand, and help each other out.
@jjmannions -- a "Byrne and Hanrahan establishment" -- apparently a new Irish eatery in Yonkers. I'm going to have to go there and sample their culinary fare. Hey guys, how about a discount?
@YonkersPartners -- Yonkers Partners in Education: partnering business with students to show not just why but how a good education pays off
@Chocolations -- OK, I admit it. Aside from the Internet and Technology, I'm also addicted to chocolate. That's right, I'm a chocoholic, darnit! So I'm definitely going to have to make my way to Mamaroneck for some decadent desserts. Until then, I'll just salivate over their chocolatey tweets!
@Rivertownsguide -- a guide for life in the River Towns of Westchester County--those along the Hudson River. Great info, resources, and fun!
@CReporter -- a great #women2follow, she's a reporter for the venerable Consumer Reports, offering up tweets to make happy and protect the good old consumer.
@petsuperstore -- as the owner of a new Kitty (Bijou), this is a great online pet boutique discounter. Hrm, do all of those words belong in the same sentence? LOL! But seriously, for some great pet ware at totally fabulous prices, check them out!
@1039WFAS -- Westchest'er very own local music mix radio!

And because no #followfriday list would be complete without a self-serving plug,
@NiteStar -- well, what sort of list would this be if I didn't give a plug for myself? ;-D Oh, and also follow @FollowFriday, because, well, they're #followfriday! LOL!

So who do you recommend I follow on Twitter.com? Tweep me: @NiteStar!