08 June 2009

Responsibility of Advertising in Infomercials

So I was watching television while on the computer and the television show that I was watching ended. As I was in the middle of something, an infomercial started playing. At the very beginning of the infomercial, the following message was displayed and read aloud by an announcer:

"The following program is a paid advertisement. [] network is not responsible for the claims made during this show."

So this leaves me thinking, why does the network make such a disclosure for infomercials but not for regular commercials? I mean, both are forms of advertising, aren't they?

If the network only provides this disclosure for infomericals, does that mean then that they are responsible and can be held accountable for the claims made in regular, traditional commercials (e.g. those that air during a television program/show that last for one minute or less)?

I tried poking around the web and couldn't really find any answers. So I'm curious, does anybody know?