27 September 2016

Does This Make You Feel Old?

If you're feeling a little bit old today, I've got the perfect remedy to help cheer you up:

A search engine giant was born today, and it's something that might alarm some people because they haven't realized exactly how much time (and how many milestones) has passed between the birth of this search engine and now. But like it or not, we're now, today, celebrating

I'm not kidding. Really!

That's right, folks. The venerable search engine we all love and turn to in our daily lives is now, officially, old enough to be an adult. In fact, since corporations are people, perhaps it HAS become an adult today? I wonder what would happen if we were to ask Google, "Is Google a person?"—are we allowed to even ask such a thing without it breaking the Interwebs?

In any event, don't feel old because Google is 18 years old today; rather, feel old because you can remember a time when you didn't even know what a Google was. And if that doesn't make you feel old, then there's a little something for everyone in this list. 😝😂🤣😝😂🤓😂😝🤣😂😝

So please join me in wishing Google a very happy, very healthy 18th Birthday ...

Except, of course, unless it's not really Google's birthday today. Apparently, there seems to be some confusion about when, exactly, Google was born. And given just how long ago that was, it's quite possible no one is left around who remembers ...

But since Google, itself, has declared today to be one of its 18th Birthdays, then we wish it a Happy, if not aged, celebration.